Sunday, December 1, 2013

Guide to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Yes, you have to wash those brushes! When I first started doing makeup, I didn't know that makeup brushes had to be cleaned. I literally used my brushes for a year without cleaning them till I read an article about it. Not washing your brushes can cause 

Lets get cleaning!

1. Rinse your dirty brushes through lukewarm water. Never use cold or hot water as they would damage the bristles.

2. Squeeze a penny-size amount of shampoo onto your palm. I would recommend baby shampoo because it is milder.

3. In circular motions, rub the bristles against the shampoo on your palm. You will start to see weird colors coming out of it. 

4. Then rinse off the shampoo.

5. Keep repeating the steps until all the makeup is off your brush. 

6. Dab your brush with a clean towel to make sure it's not dripping wet.

7. Your done!

Now it's time to dry your brushes.

 Never ever lay your brushes upright when they're wet. By doing so, the water would sip into your brushes and ruin the glue that holds all the bristles together thus, creating fallouts.

What you wanna do is lay your brushes upside down. How do you do so? Grab a clothes hanger, tie a few strings to it with rubber bands at the ends. 

This way, excess water can flow downwards without ruining the glue. Just wait for your brushes to dry and they're as good as new :)

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