Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Braces Removal & Gingivectomy!!

Hey guys! I'm really excited to tell you guys that..... I got my braces off!!!! It feels great not having to live with a row of metal shit in your mouth all the time. I actually had braces for 2 years plus and I don't know man, it just feels great getting them off. Before my braces were removed, I went for a procedure called gingivectomy. It's basically when excess gum is removed either by using a scalpel or laser. My dentist used a laser and it works by burning off the excess gum. Sounds scary but trust me, I'm just so glad that she didn't use the scalpel method because it gets all bloody and gross. 

Here's why I wanted to get this done but before that, some of these photos are kinda gross so yeah :)

 That's my teeth before the procedure. As you can see, the two tooth I circled ( I apologize for the tacky ass editing ) are really short. This makes my smile really gummy. So firstly, my dentist injected two areas above my gums to numb the area up. I'll be honest, those injections were freaking painful. Then they went on with the procedure. The entire procedure took about 30 minutes. 

It went something like that. That's not my teeth btw. It didn't actually hurt but my tooth felt a little sensitive when the laser was on. I could also feel some heat and it smells like smoke and barbecue which was really gross. All and all, it wasn't really painful, even if it was, it would be very minimal and bearable. After the procedure, my dentist cleaned the area and this is how my gums look right after the procedure.

 You can clearly see that the 2 tooth are longer and the gums above them are brownish and burned. It took a week to heal and for the burned skin to disappear. The surprising thing was that it didn't hurt at all after the procedure. I was kinda expecting my gums to be idk a bit sore or something but nuh ah! No pain at all! After a week, I went back to my dentist and it was the big day.The day I got my braces off. There have been a ton of questions asking if the removal hurts. Well, it didn't but I could definitely feel some pressure when the brackets were getting detached. After the removal, my dentist gave me a deep cleaning session which included scaling, polishing and a lot of picking and poking around. After all that was done, she handed over a mirror. I looked into it and BAMMM!

 In case you're wondering why my teeth looks like there's a layer of plastic over it, it's because I have my retainers on. I'm not bragging but I loved my teeth! I almost couldn't recognize myself. The last time I saw my teeth without braces on was 2 years ago when my teeth looked crazy!

I remember back in those days when I would drink through a straw through the gaps in my teeth. I was quite disappointed that I didn't have a photo of my teeth before getting braces so here's a photo of my mold. I then thought to myself that all those years of pain, soreness, cuts on the inside of my cheeks, blisters, difficulty in eating and many more finally paid off. Okay, maybe I over exaggerated it but I did get several cuts and blisters in that 2 years. I'm just so glad this is all over! Well not really because I still have to wear my retainers for 6 months. I just feel sooo much more confident in person and in photos :)

 Bye guys and have a nice day ahead :D

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