Friday, November 29, 2013

Foundation Trick to Minimize the Appearance of Large Pores

Most of us have large pores, especially those who have combination to oily skin. Believe me, we all hate it when you can see those tiny holes in your face. This trick doesn't really minimize the size of your pores, it just makes them look smaller. This method only works with liquid foundations.

Choose the right foundation brush

A buffing brush works best for this trick. Other foundation brushes like the flat top kabuki brush and the duo-fiber stippling brush works fine too. The classic foundation brush will not work. 

Now, dip the brush into some foundation and here comes the trick. You need to buff the foundation into your skin in circular motions and make sure you're doing this in an upward motion. This way, your foundations will fill up your pores making them appear smaller and less visible. Then, just apply powder to set your foundation and you're done.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, do not use this method as it would irritate your skin. Hope you guys found this helpful. Have a good day :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Splashy Paint Photoshoot

Hello. I had another photoshoot today because I was soooo bored and it got really messy. Basically, it's me getting splashed with paint. First of all, I made this mask to wear.

 I got inspired by Bane from The Dark Knight. BTW, it looks nothing like his mask and mine is no where near as cool as his. It's just made out of cardboard and the teeth are spikes that I got from Ebay.

As for my hair, I went with a green Trojan hairstyle. Chill, that's just a wig cap. I'll NEVER EVER go bald ever again! Yes, I was bald once, it's a long story.

I scrunched a big piece of paper and I stood in front of it. Then, the splashing begun. After several splashes, the photoshoot was over. I took a long bath to get the paint off my skin. Little bit of editing and done!

Hope you guys liked the photo :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

KLCC Hangout

My friends and I went to Suria KLCC yesterday to just, get out of our house. We couldn't stand staying at home all day doing nothing. Although it's just like any other hangout and any other shopping mall, I was really excited. I was excited to see my friends and the last time I've been there, I was 5. I remembered nothing back then
I reached KLCC at 12.00pm and waited forever for my friends to arrive. We decided to watch a movie and we went with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The show started at 12.45pm and it ended at 3.30pm! But holy cow, the movie was awesome. Even better than part 1.

Here's the sad thing, we planned to walk around the place and have lunch after the movie but since the movie ended so late, things didn't go as planned. My friends had to head home at 4.00pm and I'm only going home at 6.00pm. I spent 2 hours walking around  on my own and believe it or not, I kinda like it. After all, I'm sometimes a loner. I did buy a couple of stuff. Sony earphones in blue. 18$. I really needed it anyway

I also bought 2 pendants from Kinokuniya for 2$ each!

Okay, the skull isn't really a pendant. It's actually a bead. I didn't know what I'm gonna use these things for. I just thought they looked cool.

I had my lunch and at 6.00pm, I took the train home :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Preventing And Dealing With Backstabbers

At some point of our life, we are bound to get stabbed at the back by our so called, trustworthy friends. I've been there before and I'm not gonna tell you guys what happened because it's a long story. I'm here to help you guys deal with these kinda messed up people.

1. Prevention is key. And I know, how do you prevent a backstabber? They are called a backstabber for a reason you know. Backstabbers may appear extremely trustworthy. That is why if you wanna tell someone your secrets, be sure you know them long enough.

2. Give and take. Don't just give. Do not tell someone too much of your secrets if they aren't open about theirs. Make sure you both share equal amounts of secrets. This way, he/she would be more careful to not spill your secrets as their secrets are at risk too. 

3. Beware of the questioner. Someone who asks you a lot of questions is someone who should beware of. They might be fishing for secrets or interesting stuff to tell others. If you face these kinda people, give them neutral answers. Neutral answers are answers that any other normal person will give. 

4. Be as open as possible. Don't be so quiet and secretive. Backstabbers target these kinda people. By being open about everything, your secrets really isn't a secret anymore and you would have nothing to hide.

5. Before telling someone a secret, think of a way to cover it up in case it goes on air. If there isn't a cover up, don't share it at all.

6. If you've been backstabbed, be mature. Never cry or show your sadness. Sadness and humiliation is what a backstabber wants to see. 

7. Stand up for yourself. Think of a mature explanation for your secrets. If it's something embarrassing that had happened to you, tell them that it's ok and everyone has embarrassing moment. If it's a crush you have, confront your crush and just tell him/her the truth. 

8. Laugh it off. If an embarrassing secrets of yours is out there, just laugh.

9. If your backstabber had caused serious problems, like major problems, and if you just couldn't take the stress, its time to shift school and start all over. Forget about what happened before and live a new life. This time, just keep your secrets to yourself.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Super Easy DIY Translucent Powder

 I have really oily skin and I've been using my homemade translucent powder for a year now. There are tons of DIY translucent powder recipes out there and most of them require unnecessary ingredients. I'm just using the most important ingredient and it works just as good
Here's what you need :
- Corn starch
- Sandalwood powder ( optional )
- Cocoa powder ( optional )
- A bowl
- Container for storage.

Step 1

Pour some corn starch into a bowl, as much as you want. Corn starch is an amazing oil absorber.

Step 2

Add some sandalwood powder or cocoa powder for some color but not too much. In my case, I only added sandalwood powder. If you have very fair skin, you may not need to add any.

Step 3
Mix mix mix!

Step 4

Pour your translucent powder into a container to store your product and you're done!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Coffin Photoshoot

Heyaa. I had a photoshoot today and okay, it's not really professional. It's just a lil hobby of mine. This time, I wanted to lay down in a coffin and nope, its not a real coffin, I just glued pieces of wood together and formed a frame. And I wanted to look like a vampire so I wore these babies..

And I also wore a bluish purple wig. I wear wigs for almost all my photos cos my natural hair is just boring.

The photoshoot took only half an hour this time which is great!  Editing time! I desaturated the photo just a bit and I added a bluish tinge to it.

Tadaaa! Yea yea, it isn't that nice. I never said I was a pro didn't I? Well, at least I'm happy with it :) And cummon, for a 15 year old, it isn't that bad. Btw, in case you're wondering, why do I take these kinda pics? Am I a weirdo? Am I gay? Well, I'm not gay. I just like fashion and weirdness. Owh yea and cosplay!! I loveeee cosplay! I started these kinda photography when I was 12 and I've gotten lots of hates back then but that's just who I am. My parents weren't too thrilled about this either. I am now accepted by most of my school mates and they actually like what I do. My parents are supporting me and that is all I need. So enough of me blabbering for today and I hope you guys liked this photo. 

  Have a great day :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo: Tenacious Teal: REVIEW

Hello everyone. I've been getting a lot of rave about the Maybelline Color Tattoo. I was curious so I made my way to the nearest drugstore and I got myself the one in the color, Tenacious Teal and it cost 6$.

It's basically turquoise or aqua in color. Wait, isn't it just teal ? Well, call it what you want. You get 4 grams of product which I would say is quite a lot compared to other brands.

This is a shimmery eyeshadow and if you look closely, it has fine silver glitters. Time to see what it looks like on.

I really like it! Very easy apply and the color looks amazing. If you compare how the eyeshadow looks like on my eyes and in the jar, they look exactly the same! You can even apply it sheer if you want.

Time for the big question, does this eyeshadow really last for 24 hours? Well, I actually decided to test it out! I applied it at 10 pm on Saturday, kicked the bed, woke up the next day, stayed at home all day and washed it off at 10 pm. I am impressed! It did last for 24 hours and I bet it could last longer. Well, about 30 percent of it got rubbed off due to my oily eyelids and there were some creasing but it still looks good and presentable.

It is also extremely hard to wash off! Not saying it in a bad way though :). This proves that it is also water resistant. The only way to wipe it off easily is to use a good makeup remover.

Idk if this is important for some of you but to all the butter- fingered people out there like me, the jar the product comes in is impossible to break. The jar is made of a glass and it is strong and hard, perfect! But hey! That doesn't mean you should drop it okay!

The only bad thing I would say is that the product will dry up quite fast if you leave the lid open. So, make sure you keep the lid closed whenever you're not using it.

Time for the Pros and Cons


- Reasonable price
- Great color, very opaque
- Jar contains a lot of product
- Thick and hard glass jar :P
- Lasts for 24 hours
- Smudge proof
- Water proof


- Product dries easily  

Have a great day :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Best Way To Apply Blush

Hey guys, so, I've been playing around with my brushes and trying out different ways to use them and I really like how the duo-fibre stippling brush applies blush. I've always thought this brush was only meant to apply foundation. Well, I'm proven wrong! Here are the advantages of using a stippling brush to apply blush.

 Try it out :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Concealer : REVIEW!

Hey guys! I've recently just purchased the Revlon Colorstay Concealer and I'm in love with it! A bottle costs me $9.99 and I bought it from Watsons. 


I like how it has a doe-foot applicator. This gives you precision when applying the concealer. Btw, I'm in the shade medium deep. Here's the description on the bottle.

I hardly understand what most of the words meant but it's supposed to cover up blemishes and under-eye circles. It is also a corrector and that is why it has an orangey-yellow tinge to it. Based on the color wheel, orange and yellow is supposed to neutralize colors like blue and purples, perfect for under-eye circles!

Here's my right eye. I figured this would be the best time to do a review on this product as I hadn't been getting enough sleep lately.

With this concealer, you only need a little bit of it. I prefer dotting or swiping the concealer on the areas I need to conceal. Here's where the doe-foot applicator comes in handy.

 Blending time! I prefer using a dome eyeshadow brush. You can use your finger if you want

Tadaa! I really like the way it covers. Don't forget to powder over the concealer to set it and prevent creasing. I've also tried covering some of my zits.

It doesn't look too cakey and it matches my skin tone perfectly. If you have a pink undertone, this concealer might look too orange on your skin. If that's the case, I would recommend only using it under your eyes. Pros and cons time!!


 - Has a doe-foot applicator
 - Covers under-eye circles very well
 - Doesn't crease easily
 - Blends well
 - Good coverage
 - Doesn't wear off easily


- May be too orange for people with pink  undertones
- Only comes in 5 shades

Would I repurchase? Yes

That is all, have a great day :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Should I Get A Furby?

     Yes, I just found out that Furby is a talking, moving, eye expressing, battery operated, finger nomming stuffed toy that doesn't have an on/off switch! I know, I'm so outdated. I've seen pictures of Furbies online and when I was little, I got one from McDonalds. The one from McDonalds was tiny and it couldn't do anything so I thought that's all it did. Plus, we didn't have Internet back then so I couldn't read about it online. I was reading an article about the top 10 coolest toys and Furby was one of them. I read the description and I was eager to find out more. I did my research and I finally knew what a Furby was!


 Cute isn't it? Some people find it creepy but I don't. So, what is a Furby you may ask? Well, it's basically a robot that can react to your touch and voice. It also doesn't have an on/off button so it starts moving or talking the minute you insert the batteries. It also has personality changes and it can turn evil if you overfeed it! The first Furby was released during the 90s and this is how they look like.

They look more like gremlins to me. After a while, they stop selling Furbies for some reason and it came back in 2012 with a different look to it.

And in 2013,  Furby Boom and Furby Party Rockers was in introduced.

 The first one is the Party Rocker and the second one is the Boom.
Furbies are sold worldwide and I think you can get them at Toys R Us for $64.99. It is very expensive but I think it's worth the money. I might be going to Toys R Us this Saturday. I will check it out and I might even consider buying it. If you would like to find out more about Furby, check out their website at . That is all, bye :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hand On Fire!!!

     Hey guys... So, today, my family had a reunion and we all gathered at my cousin's house. I didn't wanna go as I just felt like sitting at home doing nothing but my dad forced me into it.  Woke up early.... like really early. You know what, enough of me rambling and lets just get to it already. My cousin catered some food and it was served in some kinda tray thingy that slides open. Each tray has a big candle under it to keep the food hot. When my mom opened the tray, the candle somehow turned along with it. It came in contact with my mom's hand and HER HAND WAS ON FIRE!! She quickly put out the fire and ran into the kitchen. Everyone was shocked. Her palm was reddish and burning so we applied some kindda cream. After a few hours, a blister was formed, about 2cm long and a cm wide. Man, I had a burn blister once due to my hot glue gun and i just hate the feeling of it. Well, her hand is alot better now. I'm just glad that it wasn't a 2nd or 3rd degree burn! I dont think it's even a first degree burn. Maybe a half??  Anyway, that's all for now. 

Have a good day :)