Saturday, November 23, 2013

Preventing And Dealing With Backstabbers

At some point of our life, we are bound to get stabbed at the back by our so called, trustworthy friends. I've been there before and I'm not gonna tell you guys what happened because it's a long story. I'm here to help you guys deal with these kinda messed up people.

1. Prevention is key. And I know, how do you prevent a backstabber? They are called a backstabber for a reason you know. Backstabbers may appear extremely trustworthy. That is why if you wanna tell someone your secrets, be sure you know them long enough.

2. Give and take. Don't just give. Do not tell someone too much of your secrets if they aren't open about theirs. Make sure you both share equal amounts of secrets. This way, he/she would be more careful to not spill your secrets as their secrets are at risk too. 

3. Beware of the questioner. Someone who asks you a lot of questions is someone who should beware of. They might be fishing for secrets or interesting stuff to tell others. If you face these kinda people, give them neutral answers. Neutral answers are answers that any other normal person will give. 

4. Be as open as possible. Don't be so quiet and secretive. Backstabbers target these kinda people. By being open about everything, your secrets really isn't a secret anymore and you would have nothing to hide.

5. Before telling someone a secret, think of a way to cover it up in case it goes on air. If there isn't a cover up, don't share it at all.

6. If you've been backstabbed, be mature. Never cry or show your sadness. Sadness and humiliation is what a backstabber wants to see. 

7. Stand up for yourself. Think of a mature explanation for your secrets. If it's something embarrassing that had happened to you, tell them that it's ok and everyone has embarrassing moment. If it's a crush you have, confront your crush and just tell him/her the truth. 

8. Laugh it off. If an embarrassing secrets of yours is out there, just laugh.

9. If your backstabber had caused serious problems, like major problems, and if you just couldn't take the stress, its time to shift school and start all over. Forget about what happened before and live a new life. This time, just keep your secrets to yourself.

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