Friday, November 29, 2013

Foundation Trick to Minimize the Appearance of Large Pores

Most of us have large pores, especially those who have combination to oily skin. Believe me, we all hate it when you can see those tiny holes in your face. This trick doesn't really minimize the size of your pores, it just makes them look smaller. This method only works with liquid foundations.

Choose the right foundation brush

A buffing brush works best for this trick. Other foundation brushes like the flat top kabuki brush and the duo-fiber stippling brush works fine too. The classic foundation brush will not work. 

Now, dip the brush into some foundation and here comes the trick. You need to buff the foundation into your skin in circular motions and make sure you're doing this in an upward motion. This way, your foundations will fill up your pores making them appear smaller and less visible. Then, just apply powder to set your foundation and you're done.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, do not use this method as it would irritate your skin. Hope you guys found this helpful. Have a good day :)

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