Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Coffin Photoshoot

Heyaa. I had a photoshoot today and okay, it's not really professional. It's just a lil hobby of mine. This time, I wanted to lay down in a coffin and nope, its not a real coffin, I just glued pieces of wood together and formed a frame. And I wanted to look like a vampire so I wore these babies..

And I also wore a bluish purple wig. I wear wigs for almost all my photos cos my natural hair is just boring.

The photoshoot took only half an hour this time which is great!  Editing time! I desaturated the photo just a bit and I added a bluish tinge to it.

Tadaaa! Yea yea, it isn't that nice. I never said I was a pro didn't I? Well, at least I'm happy with it :) And cummon, for a 15 year old, it isn't that bad. Btw, in case you're wondering, why do I take these kinda pics? Am I a weirdo? Am I gay? Well, I'm not gay. I just like fashion and weirdness. Owh yea and cosplay!! I loveeee cosplay! I started these kinda photography when I was 12 and I've gotten lots of hates back then but that's just who I am. My parents weren't too thrilled about this either. I am now accepted by most of my school mates and they actually like what I do. My parents are supporting me and that is all I need. So enough of me blabbering for today and I hope you guys liked this photo. 

  Have a great day :)

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