Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Braces Removal & Gingivectomy!!

Hey guys! I'm really excited to tell you guys that..... I got my braces off!!!! It feels great not having to live with a row of metal shit in your mouth all the time. I actually had braces for 2 years plus and I don't know man, it just feels great getting them off. Before my braces were removed, I went for a procedure called gingivectomy. It's basically when excess gum is removed either by using a scalpel or laser. My dentist used a laser and it works by burning off the excess gum. Sounds scary but trust me, I'm just so glad that she didn't use the scalpel method because it gets all bloody and gross. 

Here's why I wanted to get this done but before that, some of these photos are kinda gross so yeah :)

 That's my teeth before the procedure. As you can see, the two tooth I circled ( I apologize for the tacky ass editing ) are really short. This makes my smile really gummy. So firstly, my dentist injected two areas above my gums to numb the area up. I'll be honest, those injections were freaking painful. Then they went on with the procedure. The entire procedure took about 30 minutes. 

It went something like that. That's not my teeth btw. It didn't actually hurt but my tooth felt a little sensitive when the laser was on. I could also feel some heat and it smells like smoke and barbecue which was really gross. All and all, it wasn't really painful, even if it was, it would be very minimal and bearable. After the procedure, my dentist cleaned the area and this is how my gums look right after the procedure.

 You can clearly see that the 2 tooth are longer and the gums above them are brownish and burned. It took a week to heal and for the burned skin to disappear. The surprising thing was that it didn't hurt at all after the procedure. I was kinda expecting my gums to be idk a bit sore or something but nuh ah! No pain at all! After a week, I went back to my dentist and it was the big day.The day I got my braces off. There have been a ton of questions asking if the removal hurts. Well, it didn't but I could definitely feel some pressure when the brackets were getting detached. After the removal, my dentist gave me a deep cleaning session which included scaling, polishing and a lot of picking and poking around. After all that was done, she handed over a mirror. I looked into it and BAMMM!

 In case you're wondering why my teeth looks like there's a layer of plastic over it, it's because I have my retainers on. I'm not bragging but I loved my teeth! I almost couldn't recognize myself. The last time I saw my teeth without braces on was 2 years ago when my teeth looked crazy!

I remember back in those days when I would drink through a straw through the gaps in my teeth. I was quite disappointed that I didn't have a photo of my teeth before getting braces so here's a photo of my mold. I then thought to myself that all those years of pain, soreness, cuts on the inside of my cheeks, blisters, difficulty in eating and many more finally paid off. Okay, maybe I over exaggerated it but I did get several cuts and blisters in that 2 years. I'm just so glad this is all over! Well not really because I still have to wear my retainers for 6 months. I just feel sooo much more confident in person and in photos :)

 Bye guys and have a nice day ahead :D

Friday, February 14, 2014

I've Found My True Love!

Before I start, hope you guys had an awesome Valentine's Day. Alright, let's start! Okay, I have really dry lips and I would have to depend on lipbalms. I have tried trillions of really good lip balms but the only thing I hate about most lipbalms is the glossy effect it gives to your lips. I'm always too embarrassed to put on lipbalm when I'm out because my friends would come up to me and ask, " Are you wearing lipgloss?" Its sooo annoying 

I did a lot of research online on lipbalms, looking for one that wouldn't make my lips look like an oil factory. A few months ago, I stumble upon Burt's Bees. I decided to give their lipbalms a try! Finally, I purchased the Beeswax lipbalm with peppermint flavour for RM21.

It is a little more expensive compared to other lipbalms. I originally wanted their honey lipbalm but they ran out of stock :(  I am IN LOVE with this product! Like seriously in love!

The fact that this lipbalm is made of all natural products impresses me! 

I can use this lipbalm peacefully without worrying about the ingredients damaging my lips. The container is also made of recycled plastic. As you all may know, this lipbalm is made of beeswax which is completely different to other lipbalms. Because beeswax does not contain as much oil as the other lipbalms, it doesn't give you that glossy shiny lips. To all the dry-lipped guys out there who are afraid of the glossy lips, you should definitely try this out!  I also like the packaging! Cute and travel friendly. 

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah! Finally, guys can look gloss-free with lipbalm on!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Teacher, Please Don't Cut My Hair!!

So, school is back and I'm already having problems. Not like discipline problems and crap like that of course. Well actually, it does kinda involve discipline. To all the Malaysians out there, you guys are probably aware that our schools have strict rules and almost every school has a dress code. Turn of much! So yeah, we have stupid dress codes and the only rule that I have problems with is hair. We need to keep our hair short and 'unfashionable.' Isn't this just an awesome way to bring us down. This hair thingy obviously isn't an issue for most students. Some people just look good with short hair or they're just not as self-conscious as me.

Here are some of the disturbing hair rules:
1. Front hair must not exceed half of our forehead. Good thing I have a big ass forehead!
2. Sideburns must not exceed half of our ears.
3. I'm not too sure about the hair right on top of our head. They just have to be short.
4. Back hair must not touch our collars.

I mean, what if I have a short neck? I know I know... I'm such a brat complaining about these rules. I have no problems with the other rules. I don't mind looking fat as hell in my super duper wide school pants. Our pants cannot be altered. But when it comes to hair, I just can't cut it short. I just can't! My hair means a lot to me. Some of you are like, it's just thin string-like stuff growing out of your head, just cut them dammm stuff. NO! I cant. I've always had this hair-rule issue. Had it since I was in kindergarten. No kidding. I also cringe every time I pass by the barber shop and see that creepy guy buzz off someone's hair. It makes me feel sad for them although that is what they might want.

So basically, our school had a new form teacher. Ok I really don't know how to explain this. It's basically someone who takes care of a certain grade. This new teacher is super duper strict and scary! He pays sooooo much attention on our hair. A few weeks ago, he made an announcement saying that he had a hair buzzer in his office and if he sees anyone with so called long hair, he would cut their hair short without any hesitant. At first, none of us believed it. Guess what, he really did it. Not on me of course! So far, 9 guys got a free haircut at school. It would be so embarrassing for them. I felt sooooooooo bad for them. I just wanted to give them a big hug and tell them that it's all gonna be okay. That would be like the gayest thing ever. I was literally shaking every second in school. I had no peace of mind. All I do is worry about my hair. Let's just say that my hair isn't short. It isn't that long either. Plus, I don't know what short is to him so he might just have a different opinion about my hair. I just kept avoiding him every single day. Good thing he isn't teaching me any subjects.

Yesterday, I had to meet him to pass up some papers. I was soooo worried about it. What if he sees me and go, 'wait, your hair is long, lemme get my buzzer.' I will just die. I decided to just pull myself together, man up and meet him. He looked at me hard, I pass him the papers and he said ' thank you.' As I left his office, I felt this huge amount of weight just getting lifted off me. I finally had some peace of mind. I mean he looked at me, didn't say a thing, that means my hair is fine right?

Why why why why just why do schools have to come up with these stupid rules. I mean it's just hair!! Well, let's not talk about dyeing our hair and extreme stuff like that. It's just having medium- length hair. What's so wrong about that? How does that even affect the school? About the teachers cutting our hair, although it's very common for teachers to do that in Malaysia, I just think it's wrong. It's OUR hair, OUR rights to cut it or not. I find it really disrespectful as well. I guess this is school. I just have to suck up and face it. Two years guys, TWO MORE YEARS and I'm done with this hell.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Day Before 2014

Hi guys. Firstly, I wanna apologize for the fact that I haven't been writing for the past one week. My holidays are over and I'm back to school so I'm pretty busy with homework and stuff. I can only blog on weekends from now on. If I were to blog every alternate days and all, it would only be during the hols. Now that I got that off my chest, I wanna share something with you guys.

New Year's Eve happened a few days ago and I actually had a lot of fun. :) Usually every New Year's Eve, all my family and I do is watch TV and wait for the countdown. This year, we decided to actually have some fun since 2013 was such a great year for all of us. My mom was offered a great job in Prudential Assurance and she is doing very well there. My dad started his own education business. My sister achieved first class honours for her degree and I got straight A's for my PMR examination. Yay. We spent our New Year's Eve in I-City. Owh, were you expecting something like a trip to another country or something? Nahh, we can't afford something like that. 

I was really looking forward to the Wax museum aka Red carpet and the Trick Art museum. I took a ton of photos but I'm obviously not gonna share all of them. Here are some of them.

Then we went to the Trick Art museum.

 Snow walk time!!

Holy crap it was super duper cold in there. I know it's obviously gonna be cold but I didn't expect it to be THAT COLD! My hands were getting painful and dumb, my face felt tight and my eyes started to get dry. I did like it in there though. Just wished I had a higher cold tolerance. 

After that, we waited for the countdown. There were fireworks and it was never ending! I think it lasted for like 10 minutes or something.  I felt really sad because 2013 was over. I was feeling even worst because I had to go back to school. Urghh! Here we go again! Gotta chop off my hair :( It was such a tiring day, my legs were aching and I was sooo sleepy. 

So yeah, that was my New Year's Eve. Hope you guys had fun as well and Happy New Year!