Friday, February 14, 2014

I've Found My True Love!

Before I start, hope you guys had an awesome Valentine's Day. Alright, let's start! Okay, I have really dry lips and I would have to depend on lipbalms. I have tried trillions of really good lip balms but the only thing I hate about most lipbalms is the glossy effect it gives to your lips. I'm always too embarrassed to put on lipbalm when I'm out because my friends would come up to me and ask, " Are you wearing lipgloss?" Its sooo annoying 

I did a lot of research online on lipbalms, looking for one that wouldn't make my lips look like an oil factory. A few months ago, I stumble upon Burt's Bees. I decided to give their lipbalms a try! Finally, I purchased the Beeswax lipbalm with peppermint flavour for RM21.

It is a little more expensive compared to other lipbalms. I originally wanted their honey lipbalm but they ran out of stock :(  I am IN LOVE with this product! Like seriously in love!

The fact that this lipbalm is made of all natural products impresses me! 

I can use this lipbalm peacefully without worrying about the ingredients damaging my lips. The container is also made of recycled plastic. As you all may know, this lipbalm is made of beeswax which is completely different to other lipbalms. Because beeswax does not contain as much oil as the other lipbalms, it doesn't give you that glossy shiny lips. To all the dry-lipped guys out there who are afraid of the glossy lips, you should definitely try this out!  I also like the packaging! Cute and travel friendly. 

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah! Finally, guys can look gloss-free with lipbalm on!

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