Friday, January 24, 2014

Teacher, Please Don't Cut My Hair!!

So, school is back and I'm already having problems. Not like discipline problems and crap like that of course. Well actually, it does kinda involve discipline. To all the Malaysians out there, you guys are probably aware that our schools have strict rules and almost every school has a dress code. Turn of much! So yeah, we have stupid dress codes and the only rule that I have problems with is hair. We need to keep our hair short and 'unfashionable.' Isn't this just an awesome way to bring us down. This hair thingy obviously isn't an issue for most students. Some people just look good with short hair or they're just not as self-conscious as me.

Here are some of the disturbing hair rules:
1. Front hair must not exceed half of our forehead. Good thing I have a big ass forehead!
2. Sideburns must not exceed half of our ears.
3. I'm not too sure about the hair right on top of our head. They just have to be short.
4. Back hair must not touch our collars.

I mean, what if I have a short neck? I know I know... I'm such a brat complaining about these rules. I have no problems with the other rules. I don't mind looking fat as hell in my super duper wide school pants. Our pants cannot be altered. But when it comes to hair, I just can't cut it short. I just can't! My hair means a lot to me. Some of you are like, it's just thin string-like stuff growing out of your head, just cut them dammm stuff. NO! I cant. I've always had this hair-rule issue. Had it since I was in kindergarten. No kidding. I also cringe every time I pass by the barber shop and see that creepy guy buzz off someone's hair. It makes me feel sad for them although that is what they might want.

So basically, our school had a new form teacher. Ok I really don't know how to explain this. It's basically someone who takes care of a certain grade. This new teacher is super duper strict and scary! He pays sooooo much attention on our hair. A few weeks ago, he made an announcement saying that he had a hair buzzer in his office and if he sees anyone with so called long hair, he would cut their hair short without any hesitant. At first, none of us believed it. Guess what, he really did it. Not on me of course! So far, 9 guys got a free haircut at school. It would be so embarrassing for them. I felt sooooooooo bad for them. I just wanted to give them a big hug and tell them that it's all gonna be okay. That would be like the gayest thing ever. I was literally shaking every second in school. I had no peace of mind. All I do is worry about my hair. Let's just say that my hair isn't short. It isn't that long either. Plus, I don't know what short is to him so he might just have a different opinion about my hair. I just kept avoiding him every single day. Good thing he isn't teaching me any subjects.

Yesterday, I had to meet him to pass up some papers. I was soooo worried about it. What if he sees me and go, 'wait, your hair is long, lemme get my buzzer.' I will just die. I decided to just pull myself together, man up and meet him. He looked at me hard, I pass him the papers and he said ' thank you.' As I left his office, I felt this huge amount of weight just getting lifted off me. I finally had some peace of mind. I mean he looked at me, didn't say a thing, that means my hair is fine right?

Why why why why just why do schools have to come up with these stupid rules. I mean it's just hair!! Well, let's not talk about dyeing our hair and extreme stuff like that. It's just having medium- length hair. What's so wrong about that? How does that even affect the school? About the teachers cutting our hair, although it's very common for teachers to do that in Malaysia, I just think it's wrong. It's OUR hair, OUR rights to cut it or not. I find it really disrespectful as well. I guess this is school. I just have to suck up and face it. Two years guys, TWO MORE YEARS and I'm done with this hell.

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