Thursday, November 28, 2013

Splashy Paint Photoshoot

Hello. I had another photoshoot today because I was soooo bored and it got really messy. Basically, it's me getting splashed with paint. First of all, I made this mask to wear.

 I got inspired by Bane from The Dark Knight. BTW, it looks nothing like his mask and mine is no where near as cool as his. It's just made out of cardboard and the teeth are spikes that I got from Ebay.

As for my hair, I went with a green Trojan hairstyle. Chill, that's just a wig cap. I'll NEVER EVER go bald ever again! Yes, I was bald once, it's a long story.

I scrunched a big piece of paper and I stood in front of it. Then, the splashing begun. After several splashes, the photoshoot was over. I took a long bath to get the paint off my skin. Little bit of editing and done!

Hope you guys liked the photo :)

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