Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Ways to Convince Your Parents To Get You a Cell Phone

Urgh trust me, I've been in your shoes. You want something but your parents disapproves it. I remember the time I asked my parents for my first cell phone and it didn't go well but after a while, they got me one. Here are some helpful steps to get you that phone you really want!

1. Find a reason why your parents should get you a cell phone. Most parents would often ask you WHY DO YOU NEED IT, so come up with a good reason. Probably for safety reasons.

2. Come up with a fake scenario to show them how difficult it is for you to not have a cell phone. Whenever you are out with your friends or even in school, always borrow your friends phone to call your parents to inform them something. Do this a couple of times and tell your parents that your friends are mad at you for borrowing their phones too many times and it would be a lot easier if you had your own phone. 

3. Plan out your conversation. Write down all the possible questions or rejections your parents may throw at you and come out with good reasons. This will give yourself more confidence when you are talking to them. 

4. Get good grades, do well in sports or win some awards in school. This way, your parents will see how matured and responsible you are.

5. Never ever tell your parents that ''everyone in school owns a phone and why can't I??'' . Your parents will think that you want a phone just to impress others and not for the right reason. 

6. Be extra nice but not too much till it's so obvious. Help your parents out, treat them nicely.

7. Handle your other belongings with care. Losing your belongings, even misplacing them will give an impression of how irresponsible you are.

8. Save money and offer to pay for the phone. 

9. Find a good time to ask your parents. Ask them when they're in a good mood or when they are extremely proud of something you did.  When you ask them, never say ''I want a phone''. Instead, use the word 'can' and 'please' to show respect.

10. Whenever they say no, don't get all whiny and put on a sour face. Act matured and just tell them it's ok and politely walk away. I know how heart broken if feels when you face rejection but complaining and throwing a tantrum will just show your parents how much of a spoiled brat you are.

I hope these ways had helped you guys in some way. Good luck :)

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