Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Causes of Under Eye Dark Circles and Ways to Treat Them

Give me a break, everyone has under eye circles and we all hate it.  Here are some of the common causes or under eye circles.

Here are some effective ways to prevent or treat your under eye circles

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep!

2. Don't allow stress to take over your life. It can be hard at times when you're facing problems or examinations but its always good to keep yourself as stress-free as possible.

3. Limit your intake of caffeine and only drink alcohol occasionally.

4. Quit smoking. This could be hard but with proper help and support, you can do this.

5. Don't tug your eye area!. Do not scratch or rub your eyes really hard. The skin around your eyes is super thin so treat it with care. When you're doing your makeup, avoid pulling your eyes when you're applying eyeliner along your waterline.

6. Treat your allergies.

7. Increase the intake of food rich in iron like spinach, egg yolks and red meat. Also consider consuming iron supplements.

8. Moisturize! Use an eye cream if the area under your eyes is dry.

9. Some peoples' skin produces excessive melanin around the eye area so use a sunscreen that has at least spf 30.

10. Take a look at your parents or your family members. If they all have darkness under their eyes, your under eye circles are most probably caused by genetics. If that's the case, there really isn't a way to treat your under eye circles as it is no longer a medical condition but not to worry, we have makeup! You can use a concealer or even color correctors to hide the darkness.

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