Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ways To Save Money On Makeup!

For those of you who can't afford to buy a ton of makeup, here are some ways to save money on them.

1. Go for drugstore makeup.

They may not seem like the best, but try experimenting and trying out different products and I bet some of them are even better than the high end ones.

2. Multitask your products. 

 Pencil Eyeliners

- Use it as eyeliner.
- Get the right colour and use it as a lip liner.
- Use it as an eyeshadow. Either use a blow dryer and melt the product down or draw onto your eyelids and use a brush to smudge the eyeliner and create a smokey look.
- Use it to fill in your eyebrows.
- Contour your nose. Using the right shade, draw lines on your nose and use a  brush to smudge the eyeliner to create a shadow.


- Use it as eyeshadow
- Fill in your eyebrows.
- With the right colours, use it to contour your face. - Get the right colour and use it as blush.
- Get the right colour and use it as bronzer.

- Use it as lipstick.
- Use it as a cream blush.
- With the right colour, take a liner brush and use it to line your eyes.
- With a brownish tone lipstick, use it to contour and highlight your face
- With the right colour, use it as an eyebrow wax and then set it with powder.

- Use it as mascar
- Swipe along your eyebrows to thicken them and keep the hairs in place.
- Get a liner brush, dip it into the mascara bottle and use it as a liquid eyeliner.

- Use it as a concealer, to cover up spots.
- Use it to prime your eyelids to intensify your eyeshadow.

3. Get a matte taupe eyeshadow

Guys, I swear by this eyeshadow shade! It is seriously a must have. You can use it to contour your eyelids, nose, face and to blend your eyeshadow out to create a smokey look.

4. Make your own makeup

Making your own makeup can not only save a lot of money, it is also safer as it won't contain harmful chemicals that most makeup contain.

So those are some ways I find helpful to save money on makeup. Bye :)


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