Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Annoying Facebook Posts

You know when you're on Facebook and you are just scrolling through your homepage and you come across with some pretty annoying posts? Here are some Facebook posts I found on my homepage that really gets on my nerves.

1. The Love Post  

You know, the ones who post about how it feels to have a crush or to be in love with someone. 

2. The Constant Update Post

Yea yea, we know you had your lunch and we know you're tired, but do we care? NO! This isn't Twitter!

3. The Greeting Post

Good morning to you too. It is okay to post stuff like this once in awhile but not everyday!

4. The Attention Whore


Okay, we all know you're just fishing for attention. If you're not gonna tell us what happened, don't create that post in the first place! 

5. The Fangirl Post

We get it! You're obsessed with 1D and all the other teen pop stars but you don't have to repeatedly remind us about it. 

6. Chatroom Post

Why can't you just create a group chat or something?

7. The Show Off Post

Seriously? Yea we know you're the luckiest person on earth but we don't care. 

8. I Don't Understand A Thing Post

Seriously, what on earth are you even saying?? 

9. A Message To My Ex Post

Log into my Facebook, bamm! Another breakup followed by a freakishly long message about how they feel about their ex. Annoyinggg!

10. An Adviser's Post

I do appreciate good life advices, but tons of them flooding my homepage is just irritating!

11. The Hashtag Post

 Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram is fine. Hashtags on Facebook is just annoying

12. Results-Reminding Post

We all know that PMR results will be released tomorrow and we are all really nervous. So stop reminding us about it. You're making us and yourself more worried! 

Sooo yeah, those are all the annoying posts I come across with everyday. Posts like these really make me feel like staying away from Facebook.  I hope this could be a lesson to those of you who do the same thing. Do realize that it's extremely annoying to others and please change. Thank you.


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