Friday, December 27, 2013

I Bought The Xperia Z1!!

Well technically, my dad did. Remember the time I was so indecisive about what to buy? I decided to go with a phone instead  because mine is pretty messed up already. Super laggy, freezes all the time, poor camera. It's time to get myself a new phone! My dad told me he could only buy me a phone on February next year. That's a really long time. Plus, I wanna enjoy my new phone during the holidays, though there's not many days left. I asked my dad if I could pay for it first and he can pay me back next year. He agreed. I purchased this phone on Christmas day :D

On that day, I couldn't decide between the Xperia Z and the Xperia Z1. I know the Z1 is better but it is a lot more expensive. What I'm looking for in a phone? Camera! The camera must be crystal clear! I'm a huge camera person and I take photos a lot so a good quality camera is a must. The Xperia Z's camera isn't that good. The Z1 was better. After a hard thinking, I finally went with the Xperia Z1. It was kinda heart-breaking to see all my savings going away just like that. :( No more buying stuff till February.

Here's the phone...

Yes... I got it in purple. For your information, it's okay for guys to like purple!!! Plus, this isn't a girly kinda purple, its more like a royal purple, kinda like the purple on Cadbury chocolate wrappers. When I was buying the phone, the salesman asked me if I wanted the phone in black or white. I was a little shocked because I did my research and it comes in purple as well. But I just said black because I'm not a fan of white-covered phones. They get dirty fast. The guy went to get a brand new phone in the box. When he came back, I looked at the box and I saw all 3 colours, including the purple! I asked him immediately if I could have the purple and he said yes. I think he wasn't expecting me to like the purple one.

As you can see in the photo, the back of my phone is matte. It is originally super glossy and shiny. I applied a matte screen protector. I really like this phone. The camera is really really good. It has a 20.7mp camera and a 2mp front facing cam. The only thing about the camera is that it doesn't take good photos under super low lighting.

This phone has a 5 inch screen and it's freaking WATERPROOF!!! That's sooo cool. Finally, I can listen to songs in the shower! Probably even Facebook or go on Youtube :D I did mention that I bought this phone on Christmas day didn't I? Since I did that, I get a discount and a free gift bag!

The gift bag consists of a calender, a Henry Cats and Friends pouch, and a small notebook which isn't in the photo above. That is all for today, I hope you guys had a great Christmas, didn't expected myself to be so happy as well. I'm like the Grinch on Christmas day but not his year :)

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