Sunday, December 15, 2013

Curse You Tomyam Soup!!

Last night, my family and I went to a Thai restaurant for dinner and we ordered like super spicy food. My dad ordered a huge bowl of tomyam soup and we all had to finish it. I don't do well with spicy food to say the least. My Chinese grandma raised me and I grew up eating Chinese food almost everyday. Unlike my sister, she used to spend more time at my Indian grandma's house. Yesterday, I have to admit, I ate like a pig. Idk if it's beacuse I was just really hungry or what. So yeah, I ate like a pig, woke up this morning and my stomach was killing me! I made like 5 unpleasant trips to the toilet and I lost my appetite. Diarrhea + anxiety = MADNESS! Hope it goes away as soon as possible! 

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