Friday, December 13, 2013

My Parents' Thoughts on Tattoos

Hi guys. When I grow up, I want a tattoo. Not a huge one. Just a tiny one on my hand but that's never gonna happen because my parents HATE tattoos! Okay, the hate is mostly coming from my dad and not so much from my mom but what annoys me is their reason why they hate tattoos. According to them, if someone has a tattoo, they are a gangster. When they first told me that, I was shocked! They also told me that if you had a tattoo, you would get arrested due to the police thinking I'm into some kinda cult activity. And you expect me to buy that because? Like seriously? I've seen a ton of people, men and women, with tattoos and they're not a gangster and I bet they never were arrested either. I'm sorry mum and dad but that is just shallow thinking. 

Tattoos doesn't show that you're a gangster. Tattoo is art. If you love and appreciate art, you wouldn't be against tattoos. 

Sometimes, tattoos can show love and mean something deep to someone. 

So, don't hate on tattoos because tattoos are beautiful.

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