Monday, December 23, 2013

Romantic Movies Make Me Feel Weird

I don't know why! I'ts just weird. Every time I watch a romantic/love movie, whether I watch it in a cinema or at the comfort of my sofa, I get this weird indescribable feeling. It's kinda like a mixture of several feelings such as sadness, jealously, happiness and depression. You know, when the movie is just over and all your friends are chit-chatting and living the normal life while you stay silent as you keep thinking about the movie. Then you reach home and think about it again when you're alone. Never felt this way before? Dammit! Then I guess I am the only weird one feeling this way! I hope not.

 What are some of the movies you may ask? Well, back in 2012 If I'm not mistaken of the date, the movie Tangled gave me this feeling. It was sooo weird because as I was watching the movie, I kept thinking about 2 love birds in my school. Both of my friends are in a relationship at that time and it was kinda like a love story on it's own. Well, they broke up like freaking 2 months later. Talk about living happily ever after! So as I was watching the movie, I kept thinking about them because it was kind off a shocker to all of us that they were in love. Every time there was a love scene, I would imagine it was the both of them. Isn't it the grossest thing ever? 

Then in 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man did it again! I'm not even sure if it's a romantic movie. Well, there were some romantic scenes. This year, I got the feeling again from watching Warm Bodies. Awesome movie btw. It's very heart-warming to see how a zombie wins a human's heart. Owh no! I'm becoming one of those annoying people who are obsessed with love stories and stuff and goes awwwwwwwwwwww during romantic scenes. The worst part is that I watched this movie 2 times! Once with my parents and once with my friends. Double the feeling! I'm glad that I'm not into romantic movies. If i was, I would go crazy.

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