Sunday, December 15, 2013

PMR Exam Results Is In 3 Days!

Omg! I'm literally shaking right now. I can't eat, can't sleep and I don't even feel like talking. My parent's are getting really annoyed by the way I'm acting but you can't blame me for this. I mean, I take exams really really really seriously and I want to make sure I get good results. I really hope I get straight A's. I am really worried about my 'Bahasa Melayu' and 'Kemahiran Hidup' marks. Every one of my friends are also worried about these two subjects. Everyone is posting how worried and nervous they are on Facebook and they keep going on and on about the results date. Yea! I get it! Stop making me more worried.

The results are out this Thursday at 10 in the morning and every student has to wear their full uniform. If you couldn't make it to school, you can also get your results via sms. No way I'm gonna do that. So wish me luck guys, fingers crossed, bye.

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