Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Why My Holidays Are Boring

It's the school holidays and it's sooooo boring. I can't take this anymore! You know when you're in school and you're so excited for the school holidays to come, and when it does, it turns out nothing like you've expected. Yeah, that happens to me every year. 

The first reason why my holidays turn out mad boring is because I over plan things. When I'm still in school and the holidays are just around the corner, I start planing things that I can't even guarantee is gonna happen. I expect hanging out with my friends every week, going to the movies, going on family trips and all that's fun. I even make a list of cool things I want to buy during the holidays. Last year, I was supposed to buy the Sony Smartwatch, bluetooth headphones and some other unnecessary stuff and I ended up buying nothing. So remember, never over plan your holidays. Just go with the flow.

Now, I would have to put the blame on my friends for this one. Before the holidays, my friends would get all excited and say that we're gonna hangout and all. Do they walk the talk? NO! They end up canceling all the plans and it's okay to them because they're having so much fun themselves. They travel to faraway countries and visit fun places and I'm left stuck at home eating chips while I'm on Youtube. The absolute worst happened last week when my friend planned to watch The Hunger Games and on the actual day, when I was almost done getting ready, he texted me to tell me it was canceled. I literally felt like shoving his head into something!

So what do I do during the holidays? Well, I wake up at 10pm, have my breakfast, go on Youtube, have lunch at 1pm, go on Youtube, eat something while watching vids on Youtube, have dinner, watch TV, sleep. Yeap, that's all I do. I know, what an unhealthy lifestyle. Well, I did go out with my friends 2 weeks ago and we're planing to go out again next Wednesday.

 I would also like to tell you guys about the worst holiday I've ever had. I'll probably create a separate post for that. That's all, bye.

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