Sunday, December 8, 2013

Leadership Course Experience

Heya guys. I apologize for not posting anything for quite some time now. I've been really busy and tired lately. I actually attended a leadership course organized by Prudential Assurance in Concorde Hotel . My mom works there so she signed me up without even telling me. Because of that, I had to cancel my plans with my friends. The course was on the 5th and 6th of December. Yeap, a 2 days course, but of course, I get to go home in the evening. The course starts at 9am and ends at 5.30pm each day. When my mom first told me about this, I was sooooo not interested. I'm just not into stuff like this.

I guess it was too late, she already signed me up. I had to wake up extra early to escape the traffic jams to town. That isn't the only reason though. The people attending the course are complete strangers to me and I don't really get along with people I haven't met. That's my entrance pass. I felt like a college student.

Surprisingly enough, I actually had fun.. ALOT OF FUN during the course. I did get along with the people there quite well, thanks to their friendliness. 

There were games too, and they weren't like friggin musical chairs and stuff. I did made more friends on the second day. We were separated into 3 groups and we had to do a presentation on what we had learnt. That just brings me back to those miserable old school days where we had to do similar things. Plus, to make things worse, our presentation had to be done IN FRONT OF OUR PARENTS! It's pure humiliation for us all. We had no choice anyway so we just tried our best. It went well for me but not for some of them. One girl actually started crying. Finally, it was all over! Owh yea, I've also got theseee

 A participation certificate and 2 RM20 AEON gift vouchers. You can also see my long ass name -_- Here's also a photo taken by the organizer of me and my mom. 

Taken using one of those Instax cameras. Pretty cool huh. I swear, it was the most tiring 2 days of my life! My legs were aching like crazy and my eyes were super strained. I don't do well with yellow lights. Reached home, took a bath and went straight to bed. :)

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